Alla Goniodsky - artist and her world


My youngest student is 3 years old and the oldest is 60. I am genuinely interested in my students, and I believe they pay me with the same token. My goal is not to prepare professional artists, but to develop the artistic potential given to all human beings. I am presenting to my students the best of things created in the past and today.

I show my students different methods of artistic solutions and always welcome the originality of their artistic thoughts. I teach to create a few variations, and after choosing the best one to finish the art work developing flexibility and creative abilities. We study drawing, painting, sculpture and applied arts.

We use variety of techniques and materials such as acrylic, clay, colored glass, foil, paper. We play games after the lectures, so the students could identify art pieces and artists. The short stories, presentations of different artist, changes of methods and materials make learning process full of joy and new discoveries.

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