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As for my primary education, I got the best schooling whatsoever in terms of art: it was the Specialized Art School  by the State Academy of Art in St.Petersburg, Russia.  For the graduates of this school the future was predetermined. At that time already my way of life was… art. At the age of 22 I  found myself to become a professional stage artist, having 5 years of  academic  training from St.Petersburg Theatrical  Academy. Staging after staging, first in provincial theaters and   puppet  shows, and then in the established Moscow puppet theaters  in Russia turned me into  a well known professional when I was still quite young.


“Destined to be an artist…” No, it’s not about me. I wasn’t destined to be an artist. I had no choice but to become an artist.

My parents were well educated, good hearted, loving people, but both of them were  neither especially interested in art, nor   they directed my attention towards art. I began drawing when I was  four. Actually, since then I’ve never done  anything in my whole life but draw, paint, create.  At a very early age I came to realize that it’s  the best way for me to express my feelings and to communicate with the  world around me. Now that I am a very grown up person and highly experienced professional artist, it is still is.

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