Alla Goniodsky - artist and her world

Alla Goniodsky - artist and her world

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2015  Art Exchange  Gallery, Seattle WA

2013 “The Show Must Go”  Matzke Fine Art Gallery, Camano Is, WA

2012 “Art in the House”, Goniodsky House Exhibit, Kirkland WA

2009 Artist’s Haven Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2009  ICO Gallery, New York “The demons of Consciousness”

2008,2007  All Nations Cup Art Exhibition, Tukwilla, WA

2006  Palladin Art Gallery and Studio

2002 Global Art Venue, Seattle, WA

2001 Artique Fine Art Gallery, Portland, OR

2000 “La Galleria” of Janine Moulton, Montreal, Quebec

2000  “Gallerie Vermeille” of Micheline Csoman

1999 “Street of Dreams”, Jo Krueger Interior Design,  Seattle,  WA, USA

1991 “Russian Artists in Israel”, Rishon-Le-Zion Gallery, Israel

1982-1990  “Season Results”, Russian Theatrical Association, Moscow, Russia

1989 “Youth in Fine Art”, Russian national show in “Manege”, Moscow, Russia

1984-1988 “ Exhibition of Russian Artist”, annual shows in “Manege”, Moscow, Russia

1985 “Golden Fall 85”, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia

1983-1989 “Theatrical artists in Moscow City”, Russian Theatrical Association, Moscow, Russia

“Artists in Children’s Theaters”, show in the hall of the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia


2008 “Fragile balance” Susan Woltz Gallery, Seattle,W A

2007  Frank and Dunya Gallery, Fremont, Seattle, WA

2007 “Journey through the dream”. Patricia Cameron Gallery, Seattle, WA

2005  Collabo Art & Design, Seattle,WA

2005   Gloover Gallery, Kirkland, WA

1998  Seattle Children’s Theater, Seattle, WA

1990  Michael House, Rehovot, Israel

1988 “Youth, Life and Creation”, Gallery “Ramenki”, Moscow, Russia

1985 State Museum of Children’s Theaters, Moscow, Russia

1982  Backrushin State Theatrical Museum Moscow, Russia


Upcoming Solo Art Show

Opening Reception

November 3, 2016

ArtXchange Gallery, Seattle WA