Alla Goniodsky - artist and her world


My artwork reflects my mornings and my nights, my joy and my sorrow, my life experience and my memories, my dreams and my uncertainties. It is just myself.

At the age of five I was captivated by sensation of theater magic, and my passion was born. St. Petersburg, the place I was born and raised in, with mesmerizing architectural details appearing through rain and fog, snowflakes and frost, forms an atmosphere where it is difficult to separate your dreams from daytime perception. It seems that the wrought-iron weaved park fences   snatch my dream characters out of the swirling dense fog mixed with beams of northern sunshine.

The less obvious visions and impressions of events interest me the most. My work, I believe, has to evoke a sensation of wonder and vision of miracle. In my artwork I try to create a feeling of looking through theatre binocular at the hidden world underpinnings, and reveal what we normally use to miss. All the emotions and thoughts have to become alive, real, so it seems just impossible for me to be  limited  to only one medium. Multiple layers and different sequences of oil paints, pastes, pastels, inks and pencil in a single piece characterize my rather complicated painting technique.

My puppets are an extension of the themes in my  paintings and drawings.

Satisfaction comes when my characters gradually emerge,  through mysterious “magic light” backgrounds and the brush strokes.  Then the whole artwork starts to breathe, taking on a life of its own. I can then begin to feel it becomes dynamic, as its spirit reaches out to touch at least one person’s soul.

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